Ys X Nordics clips show off naval gameplay and confirm late September 2023 release date in Japan

Nihon Falcom confirmed in a new issue of Famitsu magazine that Ys X: Nordics will release on September 28, 2023, in Japan. It also sent out a new TV commercial and screenshots for the game debuting gameplay footage.

Check out the commercial below:

The commercial shows off more from the game, including Adol and his companions, along with footage from cutscenes, battles, the new "Mana Actions" system, and a brief glimpse naval warfare. 

Updates to the official Ys X: Nordics website also brought profiles for characters Leif, Mirabel, Lila, and the "Unnamed Old Man" (that's what the game calls him for now).

Ys X: Nordics character gallery

The website also detailed more about the game's naval combat system. Players will gain control of their own ship, the Sandras, at some point in the game. They'll be able to use nautical charts and information from towns to guide them as they chart unknown islands and battle enemy ships. They'll also be able to trade with merchant ships for goods and rare items, too. The Sandras can sail freely, with the ability to move automatically for longer journeys. A Mana Action called "Mana Sail" can give the ship a temporary burst of speed. Ships can be improved by buying upgrades and training the crew, improving abilities like the Mana Sail and adding new weapons.

During ship-to-ship combat against the Grieger fleet, the Sandras will use its array of cannons in combat. There are different types of cannon with different characteristics suited to the various threats. Boarding actions will launch Adol and Karja onto the enemy deck to engage in normal battles, with a win resulting in the ability to loot the enemy vessel.

Ys X: Nordics launches for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on September 28, 2023 in Japan. An international release date has not yet been announced.

Ys X: Nordics naval gameplay gallery