Fate/Grand Order Lostbelt 6 pre-release promotion begins

Lasengle and Aniplex really want players to catch up with the story of Fate/Grand Order. That's because the game's latest major story update is coming soon, and being caught up is a requirement to get into it.

Titled "Lostbelt No.6: Fae Round Table Domain, Avalon le Fae - The Moment a Planet Is Born", the next chapter of FGO's Cosmos in the Lostbelt story campaign is expected to debut sometime in June 2023. To promote it and help players get prepared, Aniplex has opened a pre-release promotion for the month.

It will run until June 29, 2023, and will shower the Masters of Chaldea with goodies and bonuses to help make clearing any remaining chunks of the storyline in their way. These include the most recent major story chapter, Lostbelt No.5.5, also known as "Heian-kyo."

The benefits include Golden Fruit items to recharge a player's AP, unlocked resource-gathering missions to help them strengthen their Servants, and a Flashback trailer to help them remember what happened. In addition, players will receive up to 60 million QP (an in-game currency) and in-game missions that reward premium Saint Quartz currency for completing main story quests.

Finally, the will also see the return of the Story Clear Support Campaign, which rewards players with special "Leyline Stone" items to use freely. Leyline Stones are special consumable items that are only usable in main story quests. They revive a party entirely and charge their Noble Phantasm attacks, much the same way as using up three rechargeable Command Seals or a single Saint Quartz can do if one's party is defeated in combat. The addition of Leyline Stones allows a player to potentially "brute force" certain difficult encounters, the better to get them finished and moving on with the story.

Players that are already caught up and don't need the extra help wil be able to use the Leyline Stones in Lostbelt No.6 when it launches, at least until the Story Clear Support campaign ends.

Fate/Grand Order is available on Android and iOS. The Lostbelt No.6 pre-release campaign is underway and will last until June 29, 2023.