Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf teaser trailer shows off cyberpunk hacking skills

With the planned 1.1 update looming, HoYoVerse is showing off a bit more from the new characters coming to the roster of Honkai Star Rail. It's started with a new teaser trailer focusing on Silver Wolf.

Check it out below:

The Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf trailer shows Silver Wolf briefly playing a match of Honkai Impact 3rd as the Bronya Zaychik "Haxxor Bunny" battlesuit variant. Interrupted by Kafka's messages, she takes the fight to some members of the Antimatter Legion with her hacking skills and modular weapons. 

Silver Wolf is a member of the Stellaron Hunters and a companion to Kafka and Blade. She hails from the world of Punklorde and is a renowned master hacker, taking on luminaries like Screwllum of the Genius Society. In Honkai Star Rail's opening mission, she assists Kafka in infiltrating Herta Station and planting a Stellaron in the Trailblazer's chest.

In-game, Silver Wolf is a 5-Star rarity Quantum-element character on the Nihility Path. She can inflict random Bug debuffs on enemies with her basic attack, and her skill has a high chance to add weakness types to the enemy it hits for a short time, expanding the elemental options available to the party. Her Ultimate attack can Entalge an enemy, delay its action, and inflict heavy Quantum damage.

Silver Wolf may also have some mild connections to characters in Honkai Star Rail and Honkai Impact 3rd. In Japanese, she's voiced by Kana Asumi, who also voices Bronya Rand (the Bronya of Star Rail, native of Jarilo-VI) and Bronya Zaychik (the Bronya of Honkai Impact 3rd). 

Honkai Star Rail is available on iOS, Android, and PC, with PlayStation versions in development. Silver Wolf will be available via the gacha banner when the version 1.1 Update goes live on June 7, 2023.