Free-to-play RPG Brown Dust 2 now available for mobile devices

Neowiz and GAMFSN have announced that free-to-play RPG Brown Dust 2 is now available via Google Play and iOS App Store.

A new animation trailer and details can be found below, via Neowiz. For more on the game, you can check out the announcement post from October 2022.

NEOWIZ is thrilled to announce the official global release of 'BrownDust2,' the highly anticipated sequel to the popular turn-based RPG 'BrownDust.' Available now on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in 173 countries, 'BrownDust2' delivers a captivating gaming experience with stunning 2D graphics, immersive storytelling, and a fantastic fantasy setting.

To provide a glimpse into the game's captivating world, the official YouTube channel has unveiled an enchanting PV titled "The Dreams Here." This 1 minute 30 seconds video showcases the engaging stories and thrilling battle scenes of key characters found in the in-game Story Packs, accompanied by the game's OST (Original Soundtrack).

The Dreams Here Launch TrailerBuilding upon the success of its predecessor, 'BrownDust2' invites players into a serene and beautiful world filled with engaging events and adventures. The game features high-end 2D graphics and illustrations that stay true to the original style of 'BrownDust,' enhancing the overall experience. Players can expect imaginative events and thrilling adventures that unfold within a mesmerizing fantasy backdrop.

Following a successful "Final Beta Test" for global users, the development team, led by CEO Jun Hee Lee of GAMFSN, expressed their gratitude to all participants in a heartfelt letter.

At launch, players will have access to 14 packs, including eight Story Packs that delve into the main storyline, three Character Packs, and three Special Packs offering exciting game modes such as PvP battles.

BrownDust2' is now available in 173 countries worldwide, including South Korea, Japan, and the United States. The game supports four languages: Korean, English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese, ensuring a broad reach for players around the globe.

Players who participated in the pre-registration phase will receive generous in-game rewards, including "1,600 Dia" and "4 Draw Tickets." As a special celebration for surpassing two million pre-registrations on the 19th, additional rewards such as the "★5 R. Contract," "★4 R. Contract," and "★5 Character Exchange Ticket" will be given to users.