Destiny Child to shut down operations in September 2023

Mobile RPG Destiny Child has had its fate sealed. Developer Shift Up announced that the game will shut down operations on September 21, 2023. The announcement was first posted for the Korean and Japanese editions of the game. The global edition announcement was posted to the game's official Discord server on July 20, 2023. The service termination announcement didn't specify a reason for the shutdown, other than Shift Up having "decided that it is no longer possible to provide a sustainable game service of good quality."

The Destiny Child service shutdown announcement was delivered by Shift Up CEO Hyng-Tae Kim, and thanked players for supporting the game since its launch in 2018. Destiny Child first launched in 2018, and bills itself as a "Narrative Collectible Card Game." Players are cast as a "Candidate" in the competition to become the Archfiend - ruler of the Infernal Realm. Players needed to recruit "Childs" to build their armies, bonding with their Childs and doing battle to gain power.

Purchases of premium currency were suspended on July 20, with refunds eligible for some players. Until the shutdown, the game will operate as normal. Destiny Child events will run as scheduled, with reruns of popular past events going live by August 17, 2023. Various premium shop packages were made free, and a Daily Gift Event will deposit large amounts of resources into players' mailboxes each day. 

Shift Up also announced that it is working on a "Memorial" update that will turn the game into an offline archive that will remain after the Destiny Child shutdown. The Memorial update will allow players to explore the game's story, cutscenes, and character information, though it will not have any gameplay. Players will need to link their account data after the August 17, 2023 update to access the Memorial feature post-shutdown. Shift Up is also planning an online Memorial Concert event, with live performances of music from the game. 

Destiny Child is available on iOS and Android devices, but will shut down on September 21, 2023. Players with an active account by August 17, 2023 will be able to retain some of the game content as a Memorial app. Developer Shift Up also operates the mobile shooter-RPG Goddess of Victory: Nikke