Digital Extremes showcases 30 minutes of Soulframe gameplay

Warframe developer Digital Extremes held its annual Tennocon event over the weekend and unveiled a new look at gameplay from Soulframe, an upcoming online RPG it's working on. The 30-minute presentation shows off combat, questing, and customization in Soulframe, making for the most substantial reveal yet from the title. 

Check it out below:

The Soulframe "Preludes" gameplay spotlight shows the player character, nicknamed "Krum Guzzlar", engaging in a quest for a bug-like being called Avakot. They fight hostile Ode soldiers and stop by an extradimensional camp space to customize their character. They swap various aspects and equipment using menu panels that evoke the style of middle age illuminated manuscripts. 

Krum Guzzlar then takes on a mission for the character Lady Deora in the Dermak Undercity location, fighting soldiers and using magic gadgets in a style of combat reminiscent of Digital Extremes' other online RPG, Warframe. The player also rides a large wolf, and engages in boss fights against Lady Deora and a Torment Stag. So far Soulframe appears to channel the unique aesthetic of Digital Extremes, but this time pivoted towards a more explicitly fantasy-tinged direction (rather than Warframe's more far-future style).

Digital Extremes has not yet announced platforms or a release window for Soulframe, but interested players can register at the official website to "reserve their Envoy name" to use in-game.