Hybe IM shares new gameplay and character trailer for Astra: Knights of Veda

Publisher Hybe IM and developer Flint have released a new character and gameplay trailer for free-to-play sidescroller RPG Astra: Knights of Veda.

The trailer and description can be found below, via Hybe IM.

Astra: Knights of Veda, a follow-up to 2015's Dragon Blaze, is set to release later this year for mobile devices and PC (Steam). For more information, you can check out the announcement information.

With a successful Gamescom presence behind them, publisher Hybe IM and developer Flint are excited to share more details about their visually stunning, story-rich 2D RPG, Astra: Knights of Veda! The modern reinterpretation of the unique art style of medieval painting and the nostalgic joy of classic beat-em-up games combined with high-quality gameplay features and mechanics will make Astra: Knights of Veda the pinnacle of 2D action RPGs when it launches on PC (Steam or the official game website) and Android/ iOS devices in late 2023.

The 6-minute video offers a deeper look at key gameplay elements and showcases several unique characters and skill sets that will be available to play when the game launches:

In Astra: Knights of Veda, each character is uniquely designed with a specific role and elemental affiliation. Characters are categorized into roles such as Main DPS, Tank, Healer, or Support. As for their elemental attributes, they align with Blood, Poison, Darkness, Light, Earth, Water, Fire, or Electric. The video showcases a diverse cast of characters with unique skill sets that cater to a range of player preferences, including:

  • White Molar Sansar: Sansar, the lone survivor of Vulcan searching for the truth, is a Light-element support character armed with a two-handed claymore. She can imbue the sun’s energy into the claymore to enhance her attacks.
  • Rock Knight Orlik: Orlik, a loyal knight and a friend to Marthel, is an Earth-element tank wielding a blunt, two-handed hammer. He can swing his weapon around to knock away nearby enemies with ease.
  • Black Prince Edward: Edward, the prodigious son of the Mad King and a beacon of hope for humanity, is a Fire-element DPS character. His two-handed sword slashes engulf enemies in flames and turn them into ashes.
  • Thunderblade Marthel: Marthel, a member of the Golden Knights, is an Electric-element support, adept with a one-handed sword and shield. His lightning-infused strikes can dispatch enemies in an instant.

The high-quality details in the weapons and skills are both a visual and tactile treat, immersing players in the heat of the action. Astra: Knights of Veda offers an intricate yet engaging combat system, challenging players to strategize around each character’s elemental strengths and roles to optimize team performance.