Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince demo now available for the Nintendo Switch

Square Enix has launched a demo for the upcoming Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince on the Nintendo Switch. Players can transfer over their demo save data into the full game when it releases on December 1. This will only carry over your monsters and the level of the monsters into the full game itself, not the progress that you've made.


The demo for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince starts at the beginning of the game. People will witness the start of Psaro's quest as he learns to train and synthesize monsters. Plus, the demo will give a taste of what environments await players in the land of Nadiria.

All the monsters in the player's battle party and their reserves will also be transferrable into the full game when people transfer their save data from the demo.

Aspiring monster wranglers can now head to the Nintendo eShop to download a demo for Square Enix’s upcoming Nintendo Switch RPG, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. 

Experience the beginning of Psaro's story, explore the beautiful and unique environments of Nadiria, and jump into training and synthesizing monsters. Players who download and play through the demo will be able transfer the monsters in their main party and reserves to the full game after purchase once the game launches on December 1, 2023.