New Persona 5 Tactica screenshots detail combat, stages, and Personas

Atlus has released new screenshots and information for Persona 5 Tactica, detailing the game's combat, stages, and Personas.

The details can be found below with screenshots in the gallery, via Atlus.

Persona 5 Tactica is set to release on November 17 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam). The 'Repaint Your Heart Challenge' DLC pack is also included in the game's Digital Deluxe Edition.

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Introducing Unique Enemies

  • Encounter an increasingly diverse variety of enemies as the story progresses!​
  • Go toe-to-toe against the Sumo-maton as it hurls enemies at you!​
    • The Sumo-maton wreaks havoc in the ring of battle by tossing any unit in range--friend
  • or foe!
  • Marvel at the beautiful Guarded Geisha as she blocks your ranged, melee, and skill attacks!​
    • The Guarded Geisha is ready to block any incoming head-on attack with her elegant and handy parasol!
  • Hunt for the Slimy Shinobi as it dispatches clones of itself across the battlefield!​
    • The Slimy Shinobi will sneakily create clones of itself on the battlefield to confuse you!
  • Test your mettle with the variety of powerful enemies awaiting you!

Experience a Wide Array of Interactive Stage Elements

Stages are also filled to the brim with unique interactive elements!​


Fight your way through different stages with gameplay elements like​ surveillance cameras that call in enemies if you step into their line of sight​ or elevators that move parts of the stage up and down when you press a switch!​

​You can use some elements to gain the upper hand in battle, like Dash Squares that let you leap across elevated parts of the stage or explosive barrels that go off with a bang after taking a set amount of damage!

Hold Back From Fighting to Charge!


Don’t lose your head in the heat of battle! Play it cool like a real Phantom Thief!​

​If a character takes no action during a battle, then at the end of your turn that character will begin to charge!​

​During your next turn, they’ll be powered up and ready for action! ​

​Carefully position yourself to lure out enemies and gain a charge for a smart play!​

Each character’s charge has different effects, so be sure to try them all!

Everyone Can Equip Their Own Sub-Persona!


All Phantom Thieves can equip a Sub-Persona!​

Equipping a Sub-Persona will raise that character’s stats!​ You can also use that Persona’s unique and inherited skills!​

Sub-Personas not only have active skills that you can use SP to ​activate, they also have passive support skills that automatically ​activate in battle!​

Search for the perfect character and Sub-Persona combo!

Create New Weapons in the Velvet Room!

The Velvet Room has a new service! In addition to the usual Persona fusions,​ you’ll be able to fuse two Personas to create a weapon!​


You can combine certain Personas in order to create new unique weapons. These weapons are superior to what you can buy in the shop!​

It'll give you an advantage to create many different weapons, so be sure to use this feature often!

Savor Hard-Fought Victories on High Difficulty Levels!

When playing on Hard or higher difficulty levels, the strength of enemy attacks as well as their HP will increase, and your attacks can now hit your own party members as well!


If you don’t pay attention when using wide-range attacks, you might find your party members have low HP without the enemy even touching you!​

However, you can retry as many times as you want! Test out different strategies!

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