Blue Archive and A Certain Scientific Railgun series get crossover event

Crossover collaboration events are a fact of life for many, if not most, live service games, and mobile RPG Blue Archive is no exception. Nexon Games announced Blue Archive's second crossover event during a livestream broadcast on October 20, 2023. This time, the game will feature characters and storylines from A Certain Scientific Railgun T, the third season of the anime series A Certain Scientific Railgun. The crossover will launch in the Japanese edition of Blue Archive next week, running from October 24 to November 8, 2023.

The Blue Archive x A Certain Scientific Railgun T crossover will add three new playable units from Railgun to the Blue Archive roster. Protagonist Misaka Mikoto and her allies Saten Ruiko and Shokuhou Misaki will be playable. Mikoto and Misaki will be obtainable as limited units via the game's premium gacha system, but Ruiko will be obtainable for free from the event as a 1-Star unit. In keeping with Blue Archive's style, all three characters have add their designs adapted, gaining halos and firearms.

A Certain Scientific Railgun is a spin-off of the A Certain Magical Index series, starring Mikoto. As a resident of Japan's Academy City, Mikoto is an Esper, and one of only seven extremely powerful "Level 5" Espers in the city. Her Esper powers allow her to manipulate electricity and electromagnetic fields. Together with her friends, she solves incidents throughout the city and confronts its dark side.

Here's the official promotional video for the crossover event:

In the Railgun x Blue Archive crossover, Mikoto will appear as a 3-Star Heavy-armored Striker unit that does Piercing damage, and wields an assault rifle in combat. She can zap enemies with electrical damage while she fights (thanks to her Esper powers), and her EX skill is her signature "railgun" attack, where she propels a coin from her hand at hypersonic speeds.

Shokuhou Misaki is the second limited 3-Star unit, and is a Striker equipped with a pistol. She has Heavy Armor and deals Explosive damage, and can use her Esper powers to remotely control enemy units, inflicting confusion and causing them to attack each other.

Saten "Saten-san" Ruiko is a 1-Star Special unit that can do Piercing Damage and is equipped with Special armor and an SMG. She boosts her allies' attack power, and can use her baseball bat to lob an exploding drone at enemies.

Other Railgun characters like Uiharu Kazari and Shirai Kuroko will appear, but won't be present as playable units.

Blue Archive is available on mobile devices, and the crossover event with A Certain Scientific Railgun T launches on October 24, 2023 in Japan. The crossover hasn't been confirmed for the global edition, but if it pushes through, it will likely be scheduled to run sometime in mid-2024. The global edition trails the Japanese edition by about 6 months.