Hypergryph shares new Arknights Endfield gameplay and CG trailers

Less than a day after quietly reviving the social presence of Arknights Endfield following more than a year of silence, developer Hypergryph debuted a splashy new pair of trailers for the game. The new Arknights Endfield teasers give players the most substantial looks yet at the game's narrative, setting, characters, and gameplay. The new promotional push was accompanied by a near-total revamp of the game's official site.

Check out the first new teaser trailer below:

The first teaser trailer mostly contains CG animation, and sports a full English-language dub. The player is Endfield Industries' "Endministrator", amnesiac (and gender-selectable) leader of the Protocol Field Recovery Department. The Endministrator appears to have a nearly mythical reputation on the frontier world of Talos-II, seemingly prophesized to appear to "turn the tide" against the crises that threaten Endfield Industries and Talos-II itself. The planet and civilization on it is endangered by a phenomenon called the Blight, which Endfield Industries is poised to fight back against, thanks to its Originium technology and automated industrial facilities. The trailer also shows snippets of gameplay, with characters traveling across the landscape as a group, and engaging in real-time combat against enemies.

The second gameplay demo shows off more of Arknights Endfield's combat and real-time building on PC:

This time backed by a Chinese-language dub, the demo is set in the Originium Research Park location, and shows a brief mission to build equipment and engage in combat against Blight-born creatures. The player-controlled Endministrator moves through the base, building various structures directly onto the field. She also assembles a party of several characters, all rendered in full 3D. Combat occurs in real time against enemies seen standing around in the area. The general look of combat is reminiscent of Final Fantasy XII, or more recently, the Xenoblade series. Players can switch control of characters at will, using skills and abilities governed by cooldown timers.

When the party encounters an obstacle, in this case an impassable gorge, the base-building elements come further into focus. The player connects to a nearby power pylon, "leashing" to it and building a relay near the edge of the gorge. She then sets up a zip-line terminal, connecting to one on the other side and zipping across. The third part of the demo shows off a more fully-built base on the outside of a preexisting settlement. The player is able to build items and collect resources from the base structures. In its way, the structure-building seems like a more expansive, flatter version of the system used in Kojima Productions' Death Stranding, with players creating or augmenting mini-bases to get around environmental challenges.

Arknights Endfield is in development for PC and mobile devices. A closed technical test is open for registration in China.

Game developer and publisher HYPERGRYPH is excited to announce the launch of the PC technical test for Arknights: Endfield for audiences in China. This early milestone will help to kick off the global efforts, as HYPERGRYPH has also released a new story trailer introducing players to the world of Arknights and gameplay footage from the latest build showcasing combat. Players interested in the upcoming global PC technical test for Arknights: Endfield are encouraged to sign up for the newsletter on the official website.

Arknights: Endfield, currently in development for PC and mobile, is set in the world of the wildly successful mobile tower defense RPG hybrid Arknights and anime series Arknights: Perish in Frost. With Arknights: Endfield the developers aim to deliver a real-time, 3D RPG experience with strategic elements that will delight both veteran players and newcomers to the series. Arknights: Endfield finds players on a planet called Talos-II, a dangerous place rife with catastrophes and risks. In today’s newly released story trailer, viewers will meet new characters never before seen in Arknights, while the gameplay trailer offers a closer look at Arknights: Endfield’s combat system.

Expect more news and details as development for Arknights: Endfield continues for its global audience.