Blue Archive 2nd Anniversary trailer previews story, Alabaster Calling Card event launches

The 2nd anniversary of the global edition of Blue Archive is nigh, and developer Nexon Games teased what's coming next for players in the wake of the dramatic conclusion of September's "Part 1 Finale" storyline. The new trailer shows off future events and main story updates scheduled to occur over the next several months. In the game proper, a new limited-time event called "Alabaster Calling Card" has launched, adding new characters to the roster.

Check the the new story teaser below:

The rapid-fire montage of art and hints in what Nexon calls the "4.5th PV" shows off what's set to happen to Kivotos and Schale in Blue Archive, now that the world-ending crisis is averted. In short, more internal strive in Kivotos is coming. The next main story addition coming is Episode 2 of Vol. 4, Rabbit of Caerbannog. There, the students of SRT Special Academy's Rabbit Squad will take on their seniors, Fox Platoon, who appear to be in conspiring with members of Kivotos' upper leadership to launch a coup and take control of the city. An entirely new volume of the main story, Volume 5, Hyakkaryouran, will dig deeper into the Japanese themed Hyakkiyako Academy (the home school of characters like Izuna, Wakamo, Michiru, and Tsubaki).

Between the main story additions will be limited-time events, the first of which is now live in-game. The current event is "Alabaster Calling Card", a side story involving members of Millennium Science School's Game Development Club (Momoi, Midori, Aris, and Yuzu). The quartet of nerds are mistaken for Millennium's special forces club, Clean & Clear, and hired to guard a fancy-dress exhibition event.

Here's a preview teaser:

Players will receive a new playable character for free by participating in the event, Yuzu (Maid).

Those with Pyroxene gems to spare for the gacha can try roling on the banner for two new characters, Aris (Maid) and Toki (Bunny). Aris (Maid) is Game Development Club member Aris, dressed in a maid outfit and wielding her "sword of light" beam cannon. Toki (Bunny) is a legitimate member of Clean & Clear, and like her clubmates, has opted to swap her normal maid uniform for a bunny outfit for some reason. She's also brought a component of her mecha suit along for the ride.

Blue Archive is available on mobile devices. The Alabaster Calling Card event will run until November 24, 2023.