S-Game releases 'coming soon' trailer for Phantom Blade: Executioners

S-Game has released a new 'coming soon' trailer for upcoming free-to-play sidescroller RPG Phantom Blade: Executioners.

Executioners is the first Phantom Blade title to launch globally, and is set in the same universe as Phantom Blade Zerowhich was announced in a PlayStation State of Play earlier this year.

The new trailer and description can be found below, via S-Game.

Phantom Blade: Executioners is set to release on November 2 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, mobile devices, and PC (Steam, Epic). In case you missed it, you can find the release date trailer and information here.

Rising indie game developer S-Game invites players into a vast fantasy world that mixes mystic kung-fu action, gorgeous hand-drawn 2D animation, ancient clans vying for martial arts supremacy, forbidden body transmutation techniques, boss monsters powered by dark steampunk machines… oh and this is just the beginning! Phantom Blade: Executioners launching on November 2 on PC, PlayStation and mobile devices will be the first of the ‘Phantom Blade’ game series that is set to disrupt the action game genre through S-Game’s provocative “Kung-Fu Punk” style.

The world of Phantom Blade: Executioners is a dark fantasy realm where players will experience the intriguing stories of love, hatred and power between martial art clans, secretive societies, and dark occult factions. Intrigue, politics and conspiracies in the martial arts world will be a continuing narrative theme in the Phantom Blade series. Players can experience each unique story of the four heroes and learn the Order’s relationships with different factions of power in the game. S-Game aims to expand this intriguing Phantom Blade world, starting with Phantom Blade: Executioners and with the future release of Phantom Blade Zero on PS5.

 Phantom Blade: Executioners frenetic pace and action is centered around its combo system that is both complex in its depth and intuitive in design. Performing powerful attacks are as simple as a button push but chaining attacks together requires practice in controlling speed, good positioning and creativity. Players are also encouraged to experiment with the 3 different class types for each hero, as each class offers different techniques in offense and defense drastically changing the playstyle and chain combinations on every playthrough.

Phantom Blade: Executioners will be available on November 2 free to download and play on PlayStation, mobile devices and PC.