HoYoVerse details Furina gameplay with her debut in Genshin Impact version 4.2

The latest update for Genshin Impact has just gone live, bringing the game version to 4.2 and further expanding Fontaine, the newest playable region. Alongside the update, HoYoVerse has added Furina, the leader of Fontaine and Teyvat's Hydro Archon to the playable roster. She's obtainable via the in-game gacha system, along with another new character, Steambird reporter Charlotte.

To give players more insight into how Furina's character and her impact on the game's mechanics, HoYoVerse also debuted several character trailers. Each gives a rundown on what Furina is like and how she plays.

Here's Furina's "Collected Miscellany" trailer:

A support-oriented 5-Star Hydro Sword character, Furina has a unique and complex set of abilities and talents. Keeping with her love of performances and theatrics, her abilities are focused on setting the perfect stage for combat. Her elemental skill can summon Hydro minions temporarily, but which minions are summoned and their effects vary based on her Charge Attack, which changes her alignment from Ousia to Pneuma (a state that is indicated by the shade of her outfit and hairdo). When in Ousia, she summons the three members of the Salon Solitaire, which attack, draining HP from the whole party to increase the deamage dealt. When in Pneuma, she summons a minion that heals the active character.

Furina's Elemental Burst puts the party in "Universal Revelry", which causes Furina to gain a special buff called "Fanfare" whenever the HP of the party changes (such as through damage, healing, or consumption by the Salon members). Fanfare acts as a party-wide bonus to damage and incoming healing, greatly amplifying their effectiveness while active. In essence, Furina's gameplay style is based on manipulating the overall health of the party, able to drain and restore HP in exchange for power. Thus, in party she'll need support from healers, as well as dedicated damage-dealers to take advantage of her comprehensive suite of bonuses.

HoYoVerse's character teasers for Furina also give insight into her personality, the secrets she keeps hidden, and her love of a party atmosphere.

Besides Furina's character banner, the 4.2 update also brings a rerun of the Wish banner for Baizhu, the Dendro-element healer who runs the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile platforms. The version 4.2 update is live now.