Hypergryph shares "Talos-II: Awakening" trailer and character introductions for Arknights: Endfield

Hypergryph has released a "Talos-II: Awakening" trailer for Arknights: Endfield, alongside character introductions and an introduction to the world lore of the game.

The trailer, concept art, and character introductions can be found below, via Hypergryph. In case you missed it, Hypergryph recently released a gameplay and CG trailer for Arknights: Endfield.

Arknights: Endfield is set to release for PC and mobile devices.

Welcome, Endministrator. Game developer Hypergryph announced today the launch of the China technical test on PC for Arknights: Endfield, a 3D RPG with strategic elements in development for PC and mobile. To celebrate the first technical test launch, Hypergryph is proud to share a special and brand-new trailer on YouTube, titled the “Talos-II: Awakening.” 

This Talos-11: Awakening trailer was specifically created to give global fans a chance to learn more about the setting for Arknights: Endfield and discover more on the history of Talos-II, a harsh alien world beset by various threats and disasters, including the supernatural catastrophe known as the Blight. Viewers will also learn more about the game’s mysterious protagonist, The Endministrator who will battle new threats and catastrophes alongside Operator Perlica and Endfield Industries. 

Arknights: Endfield is set in the world of the wildly successful mobile tower defense RPG hybrid Arknights, which has received 100M downloads since its 2020 launch. The deep story and cyberpunk-themed world of Arknights is further explored in season 2 of the popular anime series, Arknights: Perish in Frost produced by Yostar Pictures now streaming on Crunchyroll. Arknights: Endfield is currently in development on multiple platforms, and more information will be shared in the coming weeks for its global audience. 

World Summary

Welcome to Talos-II, a dangerous planet rife with catastrophes and risks. The first pioneers toiled for years to establish a foothold. Settlements and nomadic cities sheltered by massive walls formed a new foundation for our civilization. But the vast wildlands and uninhabited territories stretching far beyond the colonies of the Habitable Band have yet to be surveyed. As such, most of this world remain untamed.

Expansion and exploration are unchanging themes that go hand-in-hand with progress.

Originium engines rumble in the wildlands while automated construction machinery work around the clock to deploy new industry complex production lines. You will lead a professional team of Endfield Industries operators. Explore this world, conquer this land, recover lost technologies, and unearth secrets hidden within the abandoned ruins.

Welcome to Talos-II and your new home at Endfield Industries. A new era of change has dawned upon this ancient world. Time to make your choice.

The Corruption is a dangerous supernatural catastrophe that occurs on Talos-II. Affected areas will exhibit various environmental distortions and anomalous physical phenomena.
The pioneers of Talos-II hailed from different nations and factions. Shifting allegiances and hostilities are a common sight in this world.
Endfield Industries Company is a renowned high tech contractor on Talos-II and an active contributor to planetary development projects



The Endministrator of Endfield Industries.Rumors claim that the Endministrator showed up on multiple occasions whenever a crisis hits Endfield Industries or Talos-II, creating many legends and stories about this mysterious character.The Endministrator remains an enigma to various factions on Talos-II. They are well aware that Endfield has a very special trump card in their hand, but that is all they know.


"People have grown used to the gray skies of Talos-II, and certain sights are remembered no longer. What about you, Endministrator?" Perlica is the Supervisor of Endfield Industries in charge of directing various operations according to the plans of the Endfield leadership. She is capable of responding to various crises in a calm and decisive manner. However, Endfield often faces challenges that go beyond their expectations. Perlica often has to move from base to base, doing whatever she can to maintain order and keep things running.


"I know that strength isn't everything, but in Talos-II, you can't live without it." An ex-mercenary. Wulfgard is already very familiar with the darkest aspects of humanity. Years of vagabond life also gave him a maturity that goes far beyond his age. Wulfgard can be a loyal and reliable friend ... if you can earn his trust. But this is no easy feat. "It doesn't matter how this problem is fixed. What does matter is that the problem is no more."


"The angels I know definitely look nothing like this." Very few people know anything about Xaihi's past. They only heard that she came from an isolated and mysterious place where people have an odd reverence for technology. Despite her appearances, the way that Xaihi talks and acts is hardly typical of a girl who grew up in a cloister. One must get used to her vast and seemingly trivial knowledge as well as her tendency to jump from one strange topic to the next. Xaihi herself, however, is oblivious to these issues.


"Give me an order. I'll do my best to see it done." Ember is a knight wandering in the North. She once served a military organization known as the Order of Steel Oath. As an act of redemption, Ember has embarked upon the long, strenuous Crusade and swore an oath to defeat ten thousand Aggeloi and Blightmorphs. "Before my personal Crusade is done, I shall have no place to return to, nor have anyone whom I wish to see."


"I'm not the type who would accept any invitation. But if it's from the Endmin... Well ... maybe I'll give it a shot." Avywenna is a former Armed Messenger of the Talos-II General Chamber of Commerce (TGCC) and a professional combatant. She is a confident and amicable lady skilled in the art of socializing. These qualities gave her a lot of "friends". Nevertheless, Avywenna always maintains her distance to keep these "friends" in the friend zone. And this is exactly how most Messengers of Talos-II deal with people.


"This place is totally unlike Rhodes Island. It's all very new to me." Angelina is a Rhodes Island Operator dispatched to Endfield. A gifted combatant, she has also mastered the extremely rare anti-gravity aspect of the Originium Arts. She was assigned to the Endfield partnership program shortly after leaving Warfarin's facilities. Angelina remains her sunny and optimistic self, with a dash of anxiety but plenty of hope for the future. This surprised Warfarin, and made her feel somewhat nostalgic as well.

Chen Qianyu

"Let me show off a few moves this time. What do you think?" Chen Qianyu is a specialist operator of Endfield Industries and serves as Perlica's personal security detail. As a scion of the Lung bloodline, Chen has a strong physique and is extremely talented. She has studied tactics and martial arts since a young age. The training gave her outstanding combat capabilities and a mental fortitude rarely seen in people her age. Truth and justice are the guiding tenets of Chen's life. She will never compromise on matters of principle, regardless of the circumstance.


"Think before you act, Endministrator." It's hard to believe that the soft-spoken and polite Korlek Fjall was the legendary Beastslayer from the Order of Steel Oath. But the former warrior has grown tired of endless carnage and battle. After leaving the Order, Korlek returned to the Civilization Band and took up the medical profession. After multiple disappointments, Korlek finally agreed to join Endfield Industries.

Arknights: Endfield Concept Art and Character Art