Meet lovable creatures in the Monster Showcase for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

Square Enix has a released a new trailer for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince that highlights the main stars of any Dragon Quest Monsters game - the monsters themselves! Players will have the opportunity to recruit and make over 500 different monsters to their side in this game.

Several monsters make their appearance for the first time in The Dark Prince, such as the delectable-looking Goonache goodie that has a Chocoslime stuck in a pastry pocket. Meanwhile, the Vegandragora is another monster making its Dragon Quest debut in The Dark Prince; this cute flowery dragon puts forth an impactful headbutt with the flower on its head.

The delightful Croc-a-bugle-doo sports a trumpet as its nose and holds a conducting baton. It can cast spells that deal damage.

Of course, dozens of familiar Dragon Quest monsters will be showing up in The Dark Prince from the Great sabrecub, Dracky, Funghouls, and more!

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince launches on December 1 for the Nintendo Switch. A demo is available now on the Nintendo eShop.