New details emerge for Dragon Quest X: Door to the Future and the Slumbering Girl

New details have been released for the seventh expansion of Dragon Quest X Online. Titled "Door to the Future and the Slumbering Girl", this Version 7 of the popular MMO will feature a brand new world and story, new quests, new monsters and our first glimpse at the brand new Master Class — the Dragon Mage!

First reported by Famitsu, Version 7 will have players travelling to a new world called Xenias, the Land of the End, a crystallized world full of vibrant colors. In the screenshots provided, we can make out giant crystallized structures and small caravans of tents for players to explore. Along with new locations come new monsters, and making their first Dragon Quest X appearance will be the Batterfly and Wooper Trooper enemies. The story revealed from the expansion so far hints at a terrible calamity that befalls the Kingdom of Ethene and Astoltia, alongside two new characters who appear before the player: Porte, a friendly companion who uses mysterious techniques, and Rakhi, who hints at Astoltia's "power of creation".

A new Master Class, the second one ever after Guardian, has also been revealed — Dragon Mage, a spellcasting Vocation that can transform into a Dragon. While their exact abilities have not been revealed yet, they can wield Staves, Scythes, Bows, Wands, Small Shields and Cloth Armor, which fits the standard for spellcasters currently in the game. Their specialty, "Dragorum", is what allows them to transform, but what that exactly means is unknown. An image of a Black Dragon was shown, however, indicating that there may be different forms the player can choose from. The only other Master Class, Guardian, requires level 100 in both Warrior and Paladin before being able to unlock it, so it is safe to assume the same will be required of both the Mage and Armamentalist Vocations.

Dragon Quest X Online: Door to the Future and the Slumbering Girl will release for Windows, Switch, and Playstation on March 21, 2024 in Japan only.