Harvestella producer Daisuke Taka is leaving Square Enix

Daisuke Taka announced on his own X account that he is leaving Square Enix. The producer of Harvestella is no longer coming to the company's office as of this March, as February 29 was his final working day. He will formally leave the company at the end of next April.

In a follow-up tweet to his announcement, Taka also revealed that he has absolutely not decided on his future plans yet. While most other game creators would already have a plan in mind when they leave their current companies—for example, Toshihiro Nagoshi leaving Sega to establish Nagoshi Studio under NetEase Games—Taka did admit that his leaving the company without any clear future in mind is very reckless.

A deeper look at Daisuke Taka's history reveals that he worked on a single game in each company he worked at. He was first recorded as the producer of Sega's mobile game PuyoPuyo Quest, which launched in 2013. A few years later, he was instead seen at Gree helping Wright Flyer Studios produce Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, which went live in Japan in 2017 and internationally in 2019. Daisuke Taka then left Gree in 2018—a year after Another Eden's Japanese launch—to join Square Enix. This is where he worked on Harvestella, which eventually came out worldwide in November 2022.

In an interesting turn of fate, all three games that Daisuke Taka was involved in—including the mobile games—are still actively ongoing to this day as of early March 2024. Harvestella is also still available for purchase on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.