PAX East 2024 - Warframe has a big year ahead

At 11 years young, Digital Extreme's sci-fi ninja joyride is aging like fine wine, getting better and better with every bit of content the team releases, and they don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. During this year's PAX East, Warframe hosted a panel that showcased a bunch of upcoming content and updates on the much anticipated Warframe 1999.

First up, and the closest to release is Dante Unbound following up on December's  Whispers in the Walls questline. In place of any new quests, Dante Unbound will focus more on world-building elements and details. The curtains were also pulled back a bit on the next major update coming this summer, Jade Shadows, which will lead up into the big draw - Warframe 1999.

First revealed at last years Tennocon (the premiere Warframe-focused convention), Warframe 1999 puts players in the shoes of the myserious Arthur - voiced by the internet's best friend and Eikon of Ifrit, Ben Starr - on New Year's Eve 1999. Gone are the spaceships and high-tech shine and in its place are subways and grunge that 90s kids will appreciate. Digital Extreme is still be tight-lipped on much of Arthur's and 1999's story, but they did reveal his partner, Aoi and the protoframes.

Warframe fans look to be eating good this year with so much to look forward to. While no release date has been given yet for either Jade Shadows or Warframe 1999, I think it's safe bet that players can expect a plethora of additional details at TennoCon, returning to the RBC Place Convention Center in London, Ontario Canada on July 19-20!