Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire soars above with a Gameplay Trailer highlighting strategic turn-based dogfights

Octeto Studios and PQube have shared a new trailer for Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire  at the Guerilla Collective 2024 event. Initially announced in May 2023, this new look at the game gives a deeper look at what players can expect of its gameplay. Plus, it'll be participating at Steam Next Fest starting on June 10 with a demo.

Players primarily traverse through the skies in Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire with their party of up to four active crew members. There will be opportunies to roam around towns on foot, as well.

Battles are done through turn-based dogfights as people are given the option to execute an attack, special skill, or evade - along with furhter options to access their arsenal or retreat. Before commencing an attack, a cursor over the enemy will appear showing the likelihood the attack will hit them.

Plus, there will be many ways to upgrade a player's party with a variety of parts through different frames, armor, engines, weapons, and instruments that all provide stat boosts. There is a relationship system with each crew member that range from hate, distrust, baseline, trust, and love.

Watch the new gameplay trailer for Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire down below. It is releasing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam, Epic, GOG).

Hey all!

We are excited to showcase brand new gameplay for the classic 'golden-era of JRPGs' homage 'Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire' as part of today's Guerrilla Collective Showcase! See it here now!

Set in the open skies, experience adrenaline-filled turn-based dogfights as you take the role of captain and unite a party of rag-tag sky pirates setting upon an unforgettable, touching journey.
Be among the first to get your hands on Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire with an all-new demo at Steam Summer Next Fest, on June 10th! ​