Capcom gradually bundling Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice Ace Attorney trilogies on Switch, PS4, PC & Xbox

Capcom has revealed that they are gradually releasing a bundle that combines both Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy into an all-in-one set. The Japanese title of this bundle is Gyakuten Saiban 123+456 Collection, which is because the Japanese releases were displayed as numbers as opposed to the subtitles in English. The gradual releases of the digital-exclusive bundle start today with the Nintendo Switch version, and Capcom will gradually bring it to the other platforms too. The PlayStation 4 version is next in the line on June 7, and the PC Steam version will follow on June 8. The Xbox One and Windows PC release via Microsoft Store will appear last on June 18.

This bundle does not mean there is a version that contains all six entries at once. It simply lets the buyer get both of the separate trilogies simultaneously. However, it also signifies that you can now get every mainline Ace Attorney entry released to date in one go.

The new bundle release is also coupled with Capcom launching a Japan-exclusive sweepstake on the series' official X account. Japan-based users who have followed the account and reposted this specific tweet by June 14 will get a chance to win an acrylic stand with an illustration of Phoenix, Miles, and Apollo relaxing together.

But with Miles appearing in the sweepstakes reward and the complete duology of the Victorian era spinoffs The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles also readily available, it leaves a big gaping hole with the Ace Attorney Investigations duology still yet to get a remaster compilation for the ongoing platforms. While its first game had also been translated, the biggest issue lies in the second game which never received an official localization outside Japan—to the point that series fans had already completed its unofficial translation patch. It remains to be seen whether Capcom will get to do an official localization for Gyakuten Kenji 2 to complete a compilation for the remaining spin-off series. After all, the company did make new localizations for both of The Great Ace Attorney entries as they released the Chronicles compilation worldwide.