Watch all the extended Mass Effect 3 endings - Spoilers

EA and Bioware have just released the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut downloadable content on the world, and it's only taken a few hours for one industrious YouTube user to upload the three extended endings.

Spoilers lie after this point - you've been warned. 

To be clear, the DLC adds more than an extended ending. While the videos below show off a greatly extended ending sequence, the DLC also includes new content in the dash for the beam, an extended goodbye with Shepard's love interest and several other additional moments - but the bulk of the 2gb download comes in the form of greatly extended endings.

In the three original endings, Shepard's choices are portrayed post-credits in a simple narrated slide-show of imagery of the universe after the events of Mass Effect 3. This is one set of slides based on this player's choices throughout the games, but they can change depending on actions you've taken. Your galactic readiness rating will still effect how much of the galaxy survives, and we'll have to wait for more example videos to trickle through on that one.

The fact that the Citadel and Mass Relays survive if your galactic readiness is high enough is confirmed, and the fate of the Normandy's crew, previously stranded on an unknown world, is also revealed.

The final ending is new, and shows what happens if Shepard outright refuses to make a choice. Check them all out below. Ta to VG247 for collating these videos originally.

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