Darksiders II Abyssal Forge DLC arrives next week

Downloadable content is hitting Darksiders II next week i the form of the Abyssal Forge.

THQ has detailed the upcoming add-on, which will retail for $9.99/800MSP with a simultaneous launch on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on October 30th. European PS3 owners will have to wait until their usual store update time of Wednesday, October 31st.

The Abyssal Forge is a “living machine designed to harness the unfocused dark power of the Abyss and create the most powerful legendary weapons.” The new gameplay area included, known as the Shadow Lands, will come with a new graphical style as well as two new dungeons, new enemies and new legendary loot. It's said to have the most difficult puzzles and enemies yet, so you'd better prepare yourself.

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