Dragon Quest X appears on Amazon France

Amazon France has rather suddenly added a page for Dragon Quest X, allowing users to place pre-orders on the as-yet unannounced Western version of the Wii and Wii U MMO.

Amazon pages crop up by accident all the time, but this one is surprisingly comprehensive. It features a projected price and more notably, a rating - a PEGI rating of 12. This would suggest that behind-the-scenes the game has been rate for a Western release by the European ratings watchdog.

A German page for the import version of the title also features a rating from the German authority. This stuff is pulled from a database automatically - so the rating has been automatically been added to an import version of the game based on its name. The important take away here is that Dragon Quest X has a rating attached to it on the German version of Amazon.

This corroborates information we had previously recieved indicating that the game would indeed be localized. We'll bring you more as it breaks.

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