Final Fantasy VIII headed to PC with touched up visuals

Kotaku is reporting today that Final Fantasy VIII will be re-released on PC sometime later this year with some touched up visuals thrown into the bargain.

According to publisher and developer Square-Enix, the re-release of the game (FFVIII originally released on PC way back in the mists of the year 2000), is currently slated for the US only, but like last years Final Fantasy VII PC reissue, will likely be westward bound sooner rather than later.

Also just like last years re-release, the graphical improvements are modest at best; seemingly only to bring the game up to modern resolutions rather than any sort of upscaling or re-imagining of any of the existing visual assets.

Regardless, we've got the first screenshots of the port below.  What do you folks think?  Would you grab this port when it inevitably releases over here in the west later this year?

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