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The Last Remnant heads to Steam

Square Enix's new IP The Last Remnant is set to become the very first ever Japanese RPG to be sold on Steam, Valve's famed online distribution service.

Japanese gaming website "Online Player" has posted a news story (in Japanese) talking of the game's planned release on Steam.

The Last Remnant was released on Xbox 360 in the tail end of 2008 and is now heading to PC before finally getting a Playstation 3 release later this year.

Square Enix have chosen to partner with Valve and distribute The Last Remnant on Steam, meaning RPG fans will be able to buy the game and download it straight to their computer, cutting out that pesky middle-man of discs, boxes, manuals and serial-key DRM.

The appearance of The Last Remnant means more PC-based Square Enix titles could make their way to Steam including Final Fantasy XI.

The Last Remnant will be avaliable for PC from April 9th, and a demo will be available this Friday coming Friday (February 27) for players to test the game out. Prices for the downloadable version of the title are yet to be announced.

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