Kickstarter and Homebrew Success Pier Solar HD gets a Development Update

Pier Solar HD is a little project you may not have heard of before.  The original version, called Pier Solar and the Great Architects, was released for the Mega Drive and Genesis in 2010.  The game itself was very popular in the homebrew scene, in no small part due to the game's completely handcrafted music and graphics (something somewhat uncommon; many homebrews are advanced ROM hacks that at least use some of the code from another game).  After a few successful reprints of the title,  the developers took to Kickstarter to try and fund a HD remake of the game, giving Pier Solar an interesting art style that blends 16-bit characters and assets with HD backgrounds, as well as other new features to the game.  The Kickstarter itself was very successful, allowing the developers to hit all of their stretch goals and add a lot of content to the game.

After the Kickstarter, the developers went a bit silent on the game, but recently the developer of the Pier Solar Strategy Guide has come forward to talk a bit more about the game.  The guide itself is at about 80% completion, implying that the game itself is also a fair amount along in its development track.  There's little other information, but if you want to look at the blog post and some screenshots of the game's new look, you can head on over here.

Pier Solar HD is set to release sometime in the first quarter of 2014, and systems the game will be released on include the Wii U, Xbox Live Arcade, Android, OUYA, and Dreamcast.  An interesting spread of systems, no doubt.  You can check out a trailer from Nintendo below:

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