Darkest Dungeon looks to test more than just your gear

Kickstarter has plenty of RPGs come and go on its crowdfunding whims, but Darkest Dungeon isn't quite like many that came before it.  A rogue-like dungeon crawler, Darkest Dungeon has a band of adventurers looking to tranverse and conquer these horrific dungeons... but not without cost.  Instead of the typical merry, infallible band of adventurers in other games, Darkest Dungeon's cast are flawed and their mettle will be tested during the course of the game.  Characters can develop paralyzing phobias, alcoholism, and other less-than-perfect traits that the player will have to learn how to work around (or even exploit).  The addition of perma-death to the game also drives this point home, as the loss of a comrade could very well end an entire run.

Unlike most Kickstarter games, Darkest Dungeon has already been in development for nine months before developer Red Hook Studios took to the crowdfunding site to gather funds.  You can see a fair amount of gameplay, as well has a lot of other information on the game, here.  Also, you can take a look at the trailer below to get a feel for the interesting and fitting art style for the game:

Darkest Dungeon has already hit their Kickstarter goal, but has stretch goals that include more character classes, content, and quests.  Pledging $15 will net you a copy of the game (projected to release in January 2015), but $20 will get you Early Access and $49 will bestow upon you an exclusive character class.