Wasteland 2 release window set

According to the latest update on Wasteland 2 Kickstarter page by developer inXile Entertainment, the anticipated Kickstarter RPG is due to arrive at the end of the August.

“We are very happy to announce the ship date for Wasteland 2: the game will be coming to you at the end of August of this year,” writes Brian Fargo, studio boss of inXile. “It’s exciting to be in this home stretch, and all your support and feedback throughout the process has made the game much better than it would have been otherwise."

Continuing, Fargo said, "We also just released another big update to the Wasteland 2 beta. This update adds the final major area of Arizona, meaning the Wasteland 2 beta now includes all Arizona maps, which is approximately half the entire game. At this stage we’re internally feature complete, but not feature locked."

“What that means is that every feature is in our dev builds but we’re still testing functionality, gameplay balance impact and even quality. If a feature is not good enough, we’ll cut it, but if fan feedback and internal review indicates it’s vital, we’ll double down on it. But the main focus for the new few months lies with balancing, optimizing and of course mercilessly hunting down bugs.”

The time between now and release will not be spent just fixing bugs either, as Fargo has commited time to fine-tuning the game's skills, in-game levels and combat system.

Additionally, Fargo has also commited to the localisation of the game into as many languages as possible, saying that although the localisation has only recently started, the more volunteers he has "the higher the quality of the translations".  Its a claim which will no doubt be realised as Fargo has said that any translators who help out with the localisation effort, will receieve a digital copy of the game in addition to beta access; something that should prove quite the incentive for those folks who possess the necessary skills.

As it currently stands, volunteers are required for French, Italian, German and Spanish languages, with more possibly following in the future.

Now that the game has a release window, a narrow at one that, it won't be long until it ends up in our hands.

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