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Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD are coming to PS4, Square Enix Confirms

Square Enix has confirmed that the earlier leak of Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remaster for PlayStation 4 is legitimate, and that the game is coming to the new-generation hardware in the Spring of 2015.

In a new press release, the company confirms that the game's date of Spring 2015, alongside Final Fantasy VII's PlayStation 4 port, and also confirmed a retail price - £39.99/€49.99?. That's a touch cheaper than the average PS4 game currently retails for but, to be honest, still a little pricey.

The press release also says that the games will feature "system exclusive features" but don't go any deeper into what that'll entail. 

As part of the same announcement, Square Enix also confirmed Final Fantasy VII's PlayStation 4 version will retail at £12.99/€15.99 when it launches.

We first reported on Square Enix France's official store cock-up a few days ago. The original versions launched in March of this year to a fair bit of praise, including a 9 review from us. 

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