Ray Gigant screenshots showcase Nil's chapter

Bandai Namco has revealed details and media for Nil's chapter in Ray Gigant, the dungeon crawler from Experience (Demon Gaze, Operation Abyss) set to release on PlayStation Vita on July 30th in Japan.

As previously covered, the game is divided such that each of the main three characters take lead for their own chapter and will be supported by two others in a fixed party. This time we are introduced to chapter for the pink-haired Nil and her companions Raidne and May. Nil's chapter takes place aboard a tanker ship - "the Sea King" - and looking at the screenshots, also underwater.

Another gameplay element - 'Forced Parasite State' is also introduced. While normally attacks and abilities require AP to use, if a battle drags on long enough, the party can be thrown into this state which causes abilities to cost HP instead. While this can be dangerous in terms of character vitality, being able to use abilties without an AP cost might prove useful in certain situations.

You can find the most recent gameplay trailer here.

Ray Gigant Screenshots and Artwork
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