First gameplay footage of Dragon Quest Builders

Mixing a Minecraft-like aesthetic with its many voxels with an interesting RPG twist, Dragon Quest Builders came out of left field when it was announced a few weeks ago by Square Enix.

During their recent Dragon Quest series presentation, we got a good first look at what the gameplay will be like. Set in Alefgard, players are tasked to restore the land that was destroyed by the evil Dragonlord, taking on the role of a male or female protagonist.  

Like Minecraft, players can mine for materials through the land or deep underground to craft new items to help them in their goal. This may serve as a good access point for a lot of fans looking for more story structure with this insanely-popular genre.

Dragon Quest Builders is set to be released for the PS4, PS3, and Vita this winter in Japan. There has been no word on a localization.

Dragon Quest Builders screenshots