Tokyo Xanadu showcases weapon/costume changes and new city locations

Falcom has released several new tidbits of information for Tokyo Xanadu, including some new NPCs, game locations, as well as changes in character and weapon appearance.

As revealed a few months back, each playable character has an innate elemental attribute that is reflected in their attacks and skills. However, by switching out their Master Core in a character's Soul Device, this element can be changed. This will affect certain skills that each character possesses,  in addition to a visible modification of that character's weapon.


Two new locations in Moriyama City have also been detailed. Brick Alley is a western style commercial district lined with businesses such as coffee shops and boutiques - and works as a social place for young people.

On the east side of the city, Acros Tower is a city landmark built by the Hokuto group that works both as a place of business and as a popular tourist destination. It is also the location of Acros Theater where idol group SPiKA often performs.


Various characters will also wear different outfits depending on the weather or storyline of the game. For example, party members will wear summer clothes during summer months..


Finally, two new NPC characters have been revealed. Eiji Goto is a notable member of a local yakuza faction - seemingly with a history confronting local delinquents. Akihiro Inui is a newly self-appointed leader of the gang BLAZE, previously headed by Shio.


Tokyo Xanadu releases on PlayStation Vita in Japan on September 30th. Check out all the screenshots in the gallery below:

Tokyo Xanadu Screenshots and Artwork