Tales of Berseria screenshots introduce Magilou and Bienfu

Bandai Namco has posted new screenshots for Tales of Berseria, featuring a new characters and combat shots.


Magilou is a witch and self-proclaimed great sorceress, while Bienfu is a peculiar malak. You can find several screenshots and art for these two in the gallery. The official series blog plans to go into more detail on these characters in the coming days.

The images also showcase several abilities of the party characters. 'Soul Break' is a mechanic that "gives a player an advantage in battle and enables them to exceed the upper limit of performable artes per combo" - similar in style to the series usual 'Overlimit'.

Bandai Namco also recently posted the third trailer for the game which features clips of the games animated opening. You can view that below alongside some 1080p stills in the gallery.  Find screenshots featuring Rokurou and Eleanor here. Tales of Berseria is set to release on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Tales of Berseria Screenshots and Artwork
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