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You can now sign up for a chance to play the Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer beta - here's how

While most people spent N7 Day watching the Mass Effect Andromeda cinematic reveal trailer, dissecting it for story details such as when the game takes place or reinstalling the original Mass Effect trilogy onto their Xbox Ones, there was one big new piece of news out of N7 Day that Mass Effect fans should pay attention to - the multiplayer beta.

Mass Effect Andromeda will have a four-player co-operative multiplayer mode that will build on the concepts offered in Mass Effect 3. That's wave-based survival action, and if it's anything like ME3's multiplayer, it's probably going to be pretty solid and deceptively addictive.

Anyway - Bioware plans to run a beta for the multiplayer, and in order to be part of it you need to let them know you'd like the chance. Here's how to do just that.

First thing's first - the beta will only be available on console. If you have access to an Xbox One or PS4 you're cool, but PC players will have to wait. 

In order to take your chance to get into the Beta you'll need to head to the Bioware Beacon site. This will require a fully-linked and activate EA account and then require you to fill in a lengthy survey about your play habits and also provide some information on how much you played Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, if you did.

Little is known about the multiplayer so far, but we fully expect it to resemble Mass Effect 3's multiplayer: the team that grew into the Mass Effect Andromeda team cut their teeth making the multiplayer mode and multiplayer expansions on that game.

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