Tetracast - Episode 53: We Are Ready for Despair

Welcome to a new edition of the Tetracast, RPG Site's weekly podcast! This past week saw some important news in the world of RPGs. First off, we have Nintendo's announcement that there will be a season pass for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a game we are only two weeks out from release. The Final Fantasy XIV European Fan Festival went on in Frankfurt, showing off more details about their upcoming expansion pack, Stormblood. And finally, NIS America held their annual press event where they announced important information about their slate for the year.

Of course, the crew also talks about the games we've been playing. While Josh and Zack continue on in their escapades with Nioh (when Josh isn't busy dealing with a nasty ear infection), Bryan goes back to old faithful aka Guild Wars 2, and Adam decides to get some quality time in with Zelda: Skyward Sword and Spirit Tracks before the next big entry heads our way. That and some technical difficulties awaits you listeners!

This edition of the Tetracast features Josh Torres, Adam Vitale, Bryan Vitale, and is hosted by Zack Reese (note: Zack was disconnected from the call towards the end). As always, you can find links to the full episode of the podcast below along with our RSS feed, and also subscribe to us on iTunes. You can check out related videos on our discussions through our YouTube channel

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