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Disgaea 5 Complete - Usalia, Red Magnus, Christo, & Zeroken Character Trailer

Following the trails introducing Killia and Seraphina, NIS America has posted a second character trailer (re)introducing the rest of the main cast for Disgaea 5 Complete, including Usalia, Red Magnus, Christo, and Zeroken.

You can find more details on Disgaea 5 Complete here.

NIS America also provided some short bios for the characters, which we have below.


The successor to Toto Bunny, where demons that don't promote violence gather. Due to the spell cast by Void Dark's arm, she needs to constantly eat curry, or she'll rage. But now, she actually loves curry.5ba612ef584ca38

Red Magnus

The Overlord of Scorching Flame, where vicious demons gather. He, a very wild demon, believes that power is everything and wants to become the strongest Overlord by defeating Void Dark.


An Overlord that's affiliated with a "certain Netherworld." He's a superior tactician and adviser who will do anything to prevail.


A tiny Overlord who fights alone against the Lost. He has a side of frivolity and a train of thought that changes according to the person he interacts with.

Disgaea 5 Complete is set to release on Nintendo Switch on May 23 in North America and in Europe on May 26.


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