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Layton’s Mystery Journey launches in the west for the 3DS this October

Developer Level-5 announced the puzzle adventure game Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in the west sometime this October.

While 3DS users will have to wait a few months, Layton fans can actually purchase the game right now on their smartphones. Yesterday, it was released in English for iOS and Android for $15.99. According to Level-5, it's identical to the 3DS release (minus the dual screens, of course). 

Here's an overview of the game:

Mystery lovers, brace yourselves! A rich and robust console game at its beginnings, the new Layton title is now pocket-sized. Forget classic mobile gaming experiences or time-killer mini-games with no depth, and step into a fantastic, mystery adventure unseen on a smartphone. For the first time, your favorite console game is now available on your mobile device, with the greatest number of puzzles to solve of any game of the Layton series. All console fans, do not worry, your favorite puzzle game will be on the way for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems too, as soon as October!

“Today is the beginning of a brand-new journey for millions of mobile gamers around the world as we debut the first new game in the Layton series in five years on mobile devices first,” said Yukari Hayakawa, Chief Operation Officer at Level-5 abby Inc. “Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy will provide longtime fans and those new to the series a delightful story, filled with charming characters and hundreds of challenging puzzles that they can play anywhere, anytime. We are proud to be a part of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems with the release of this game!”

Players will join Katrielle Layton on a mysterious adventure through the heart of London as she becomes embroiled in a casual, comical, and quizzical quest. You’ll be whisked around London’s famous landmarks, solving case after unlikely case, discovering clues and unraveling mysteries. The extraordinary puzzle solving adventure features the largest collection of puzzles in the franchise to date. Mini-games and customization options for the Layton Detective Agency and Katrielle’s outfit can be unlocked as players advance in the story. With twelve intriguing cases, seven multi-millionaires, and one whopper of a conspiracy, the latest Layton installment will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the truth IS stranger than fiction!

You can take a look at the latest trailer for the game from a couple weeks ago down below:

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