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Still hot from the Gamescom trailer release, today's Weekly Famitsu issue also contains more information about Fire Emblem Warriors. Other than introducing Hinoka, Camilla, Takumi, and Leo who were first shown in the aforementioned trailer, the magazine also gives more details on the Pair Up and Dual systems in the gameplay.



  • Hinoka
    The eldest daughter of the Kingdom of Hoshido, and the sibling of Ryoma, Takumi, and Sakura. Her personality embodies that of a warrior, and she began military training when Corrin was abducted by the Kingdom of Nohr in the past. She rides a pegasus just like in the original game, and she can unleash elegant strikes from the sky. Her class is Sky Knight, which is Fates' version of Pegasus Knight.
  • Camilla
    The eldest daughter in the royal family of the Kingdom of Nohr. She spent her childhood with the abducted Corrin and has an unusual amount of affection towards her. Although she has an easygoing personality, she also has a hidden sadistic side where she wouldn't hesitate in killing enemies that would endanger Corrin. Her class is Malig Knight, which has her riding a wyvern while wielding an axe. Wyverns can also pass through broken bridges just like pegasus.
  • Takumi
    A prince in the Kingdom of Hoshido. He trains himself daily so that he can be acknowledged by his siblings, all of whom have excellent talents. Despite being a result of getting abducted, Takumi holds some doubts towards Corrin whom he considered as having defected to Nohr, so he has a complex mind. Archers like Takumi can attack a wide range of enemies at once, so they can become reliable partners in this game, which has the player fighting many enemies.
  • Leo
    The younger brother of Xander and Camilla, [Elise's elder brother,] and an elite magic user. He has a calm yet cruel personality; a prodigy who does everything without a flaw. His class is Dark Knight, which uses magic while being mounted on a horse, giving him both mobility and magic power. Magic attacks have their damage calculated separately [from physical attacks] with the Magic stat, and they are effective on armored Knights which generally have low Resistance stat.

Gameplay Systems

  • Pair Up
    The player character can pair up with an ally character by getting close to them and using the command. When paired up, characters will take the roles of Vanguard and Support, and will switch with each other when fighting. The Dual actions (which are going to be described below) are also exclusively available for paired characters. This system is very useful when you want to fight strong enemies or protect weak allies.
  • Dual Attack
    A Dual Attack gauge will show up for paired characters. When this gauge is filled, the Support character can be called up to unleash a Dual Attack that will break enemy's guard. If the Support character has a weapon advantage to the enemy, a yellow Stun gauge will appear on that enemy (which enables finisher attacks easier).
  • Dual Guard
    A separate Dual Guard gauge will show up similarly to Dual Attack. When the gauge is filled, the Support character may show up to completely nullify an enemy's attack.
  • Dual Special
    When both Vanguard and Support's Warrior gauges are filled, by using the Warrior Special attack (A button) they will get to unleash a more powerful and flashier Dual Special attack. Even the same character pairings will have different actions based on their current positions in the pair. Dual Special attack will also have quotes that will differ based on not only the characters being paired but also their bond levels between each other.


In addition to that, the article also showed some storyline screenshots of colored orbs coming out from Corrin, Ryoma, and Xander's bodies, which will then get placed on the Shield of Flames along with Chrom's orb. Based on the information collected so far, we're assuming that the storyline will cover Awakening first, and then Fates after it.

Fire Emblem Warriors will be released for Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS in Japan and Asia on September 28, and in Europe on October 20. The official release date for North America is still not confirmed yet as of this writing, where it is still slated for Fall 2017. You can read our prior coverage of the Gamescom trailer right here.


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The official website has updated with some new screenshots for these characters.

Fire Emblem Warriors Screenshots
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