Yakuza Online officially announced for PC and mobile

Announced in the same event where Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Fist of the North Star have been revealed, Yakuza Online (tentative title "Shin Ga Gotoku Online") is set to arrive for the PC, iOS, and Android in 2018. Since Kiryu's story was concluded in Yakuza 6, the team decided to continue with Yakuza because they liked doing mature games in the same vein. The new story centers on the life of a new hero named Kasuga Ichiban and he lives in Kamurocho, Tokyo, where Kiryu lives.

Shin Ga Gotoku Online protagonist: Kasuga Ichiban

The team's desire for a challenge resulted into developing the game not only for the conventional home console but also for other platforms. As a part of the "New Yakuza" series, they wanted to announce Yakuza Online and asks everyone to look forward to this new series project.

Famitsu shared its story details so far:

This city, which is called the city that never sleeps, had been dominated by East Japan’s largest organization, the Tojo clan.

However, in 2018, the conspiracy between the police and the Omi Alliance supersedes it’s control. Because of both the police and the Omi Alliance, Kamurocho was changed both front and back and lost its former fever and spiraled down to a gradual death.

In the meantime, a man was born and raised in Kamurocho, a pure yet kind of an idiot type of guy named Kasuga Ichiban. He decides to gather a number of comrades who share similar ambitions and confront a gigantic power. But before he manages to do that, an unexpected conspiracy begins to swirl.



Kasuga Ichiban

Former member of the Tojo clan's Arakawa group. 40 years old. Born and raised in Kamurocho. He doesn’t know his father and his mother gave him up after birth. He was fed with snacks and things grabbed from others with the help of the homeless.

He started admiring a man from the Arakawa group who saved him during his adolescence. He goes to the gates of the Arakawa groups building against the wishes of the ones surrounding him.

A year later, in January 2001, he suffered the consequences of a crime committed by the young head of a group that suddenly surfaced. He was sentenced to 17 years in prison, then returned to his home in Kamurocho. But waiting for him, there was a town that suddenly changed and his past colleagues have fallen. It was the confirmation of an incredible “betrayal”…

A more in-depth story of Kasuga was uploaded acting as a prologue to the game's story (it's in Japanese only).

Translations were provided by Kazuma Hashimoto.

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