Final Fantasy IX is now available for PlayStation 4

Following a PEGI rating leak yesterday, Final Fantasy IX is now available digitally on PlayStation 4. It is regularly priced at $20.99/£16.99, with a 20% discount sale for the first week [$16.79/£13.59]. The sale price in Europe seems to require a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Like last year's release on Steam, this version of Final Fantasy IX includes cleaned up visuals, auto-save functionality, and several optional cheat features. These special boosters include a turbo speed mode, no encounter mode, and allow players to automatically master skills,  maximize character levels, magic stones, and gil. PlayStation Trophy functionality is also included (I hope you like to jump rope).

Purchasing the PlayStation 4 version will also give the player a free custom theme for the system and an avatar set. Find the store links and a set of screenshots below.

NA PlayStation Store

UK PlayStation Store

Final Fantasy IX Screenshots


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