.hack//G.U. Last Recode's Vol.4 Reconnection has a Unison of Skeith and Corbenik

We learned from Famitsu magazine a couple of weeks ago that in .hack//G.U. Last Recode's Vol.4 Reconnection, Ovan would finally officially join Haseo's party. But it turns out that is not all of it.

This week's Famitsu magazine has delivered further revelation that Haseo and Ovan will be able to merge their Skeith and Corbenik avatars into Unison Skeith, that will be used in Avatar Battles against new enemies in Vol.4, such as Moralta. When merged under Unison Skeith, the left half of the body will be based on Corbenik's color and design. This totally reminds us of a certain Digimon produced from DNA digivolution.

For a refresher on how an Avatar Battle in .hack//G.U. looks like, it's a special boss battle with a 3D shooting action-like gameplay. The player controls Haseo's avatar Skeith, launching attacks on the enemy boss while avoiding their attacks. Once the boss' HP is depleted, the player will need to finish the battle by launching a Data Drain attack on them.

Famitsu has also provided more details about Unison Skeith's attacks in the magazine article, which we have also translated after the jump.

  • Slash Combo
    Unison Skeith does a combo attack with his great scythe. Thanks to the Slash Wave unleashed from compressed energy, this main attack method of Skeith allows attacking the enemy from a bit farther range. At the end of the combo, the tip of the scythe will generate and unleash an energy chakram, which will deal a powerful blow.
  • Homing Laser
    By holding the Square button, Unison Skeith will lock onto multiple enemies. Release the button to shoot lasers on all of them. There is no ammo limit, so this attack will feel very exhilarating when used to sweep a horde of enemies at once.
    (By the way, this feature would remind us of Jehuty in the Zone Of the Enders series)
  • Stun Chance
    Hitting the enemy with combo attacks will eventually cause them to stun, which gives the player a chance to deal massive damage. Dash with the X button to get close to the enemy, and respond to the O button prompt to quickly slash the stunned enemy!

We are getting closer to the release of .hack//G.U. Last Recode, which will be out for PlayStation 4 and Steam in Japan on November 1 and in North America on November 3.