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New Final Fantasy XV Patch to add Aranea sparring, Time Skip at camps

Fresh off the heels of the announcement of Final Fantasy XV's Royal Edition and details unveiled for the Windows Edition comes a tiny bit of a leak for the next game patch to potentially be released January 21, 2018. Final Fantasy XV has had a long list of updates both free and paid, and they aren't done yet. Not only can we expect more DLC episodes and new content to be included with the Royal Edition, it seems free updates will still happen as well. This one's a bit on the smaller side but has a couple of interesting things worth mentioning.

The 1.21 update was first spotted on the German update page for the game, the page has since reverted to remove the information, but not before the details had already gotten out.

Update: This patch ended up releasing on February 1, 2018.

Google Translated from German update page

The key things to notice are the fact that the Assassin's Creed crossover event will end, time skipping will now be available at camps, and a new sparring mode involving Aranea will be included. It's a bit vague on the specifics, but we will update this post once a formal announcement of the patch has been made. 


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