Disgaea: Hour of Darkness getting an HD version this Summer in Japan

During a Nippon Ichi software broadcast yesterday, the publisher announced a few soon upcoming titles planned for release in Japan. Most interesting is a quick mention of an "HD remake" for the original Disgaea game - Hour of Darkness - set to release this summer. No other information, including release platforms, was given at this time.

The first Disgaea originally released on PlayStation 2 in 2003, later getting ported to DS, PSP, and a more recent Steam port in 2016. It's unclear if this new announcement is more full-fledged remake or HD remaster at this time. Nippon Ichi seems very friendly with both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch at present, so chances seem likely that this new version of Disgaea will end up on those platforms, by our estimation.

You can find the full stream presentation below:

Other titles announced include "The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince" and "Project Nightmare", which also do not have announced platforms. It's worth mentioning that NIS America is holding their annual press event on February 9, which is sure to shed light on the immediate future of English Nippon Ichi titles.