Fire Emblem Warriors: Shadow Dragon DLC is coming out on February 15

The second DLC batch for Fire Emblem Warriors, which adds more content from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, has been slated to be released in February. It's about time we get to see some information on this DLC, and Koei Tecmo has just delivered that by publishing a new information batch in Weekly Famitsu magazine and on their Japanese official website.

At the same time, Koei Tecmo has also announced that Fire Emblem Warriors will get another update patch that raises the maximum level cap even higher. You can read more on that below.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon DLC Pack

As we have learned from the previous DLC teaser list, the Shadow Dragon DLC pack will add Navarre, Minerva, and Linde as playable characters. Each character also comes with a new personal skill:

  • Navarre - Solitary: Increases damage dealt on enemies when not paired up
  • Minerva - Iote's Shield: Negates weapon effectiveness (for example when Fliers are attacked by Bow)
  • Linde - Ready Wits: Can accumulate Awakening gauge by beating enemies with Finisher Combo regardless of weapon triangle
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon DLC Characters

It also adds Broken Armor costumes for all Shadow Dragon characters plus Lyn, Celica, and Anna, as well as four new costumes:

  • Groom for Marth
  • Bride for Caeda
  • Colored Dress (Flower Girl) for Tiki
  • Swordmaster for Lyn (Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC design)
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon DLC Costumes

Three new History Maps, which are based on the chapters the DLC characters are recruited in, are also added:

  • Devil Mountain (based on Shadow Dragon's Chapter 3: A Brush in the Teeth)
  • Princess Minerva (based on Shadow Dragon's Chapter 10)
  • Knorda Market (based on Shadow Dragon's Chapter 11)
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon DLC History Maps

New Exclusive Weapons will be added not only for the added characters but also existing characters who do not have them in the base game.

  • Navarre: Wo Dao
  • Minerva: Hauteclere
  • Linde: Aura Tome
  • Caeda: Wing Spear
  • Tiki: Divinestone
  • Anna: Anna's (Fortune) Bow

And the following Weapon Skills will be added only to those who have purchased this DLC pack.

  • Reverse Attack-Defense: Swaps STR stat with DEF, and MAG stat with RES. (Can stack with Topsy-Turvy, which will make a character do physical attacks with RES stat for example)
  • Same Gender Advantage: Deals more damage against characters of the same gender, but less damage against those of different gender.
  • Different Gender Advantage:¬†Deals more damage against characters of different gender, but less damage against those of the same gender.

Update Patch to Version 1.4.0

In addition to the above DLC pack, a free update patch will be also released on the same day. The following features will be applied to all players, regardless of whether they own the Shadow Dragon DLC pack or not.

  • Increases level cap from 110 to 130
  • Adds a new option in Settings that will let you turn confirmations in Crest Market on or off
  • Improves menu UI in Map / Unit Placement screen
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

New Weapon Skills (unlike the above list, these will be available to all players with random drops as long as the game has been updated)

  • Finisher Enhancement: Makes it easier to deplete Stun Gauges
  • Anti-Air Enhancement: Deals more damage against juggled enemies

New Blessings

  • Strength Blessing / Magic Blessing / Skill Blessing: Raises the specified stat for all party characters
  • Bonds Blessing: Makes it easier for all party characters to raise bonds in battle
  • Swift Attack Blessing: Increases damage dealt for a set of time given after the battle started

The paid Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon DLC pack and the free update patch to Version 1.4.0 for Fire Emblem Warriors will both be released on February 15 in Japan. If it follows the same pattern as the Fire Emblem Fates DLC pack, it should be available on February 14 in US time.