Pokemon Go might get a new story quest system, limited Gen 3 event announced

It seems that Pokémon Go has received quite a big rework on its quest system. In the newest version 0.91.1, a few interesting hidden features were dug up (meaning they're currently not live) that would likely be officially revealed in the next versions.

The game's News feature has been improved and you can now search using "Shiny" in the Pokédex section (very helpful and gratifying for trainers). In addition, you can toggle between forms, genders, and shinyness inside the Pokédex. The News section is now overall more organized, which should make keeping up with the updates significantly less painful.

The biggest of these discovered features would have to be the new quest system, which seems to suggest actual story quests with characters, with Professor Willow getting animations and expressions.


On related news, the last big wave of Gen 3 Pokémon arrives today. From February 9 until 13, all the wild spawn you'll encounter will be from the same Gen 3 collection. The new Pokémon are featured above, namely: Rayquaza, Beldum, Chimecho, Pelipper, Bagon, Salamence, Tropius, Altaria, Swablu, Taillow and Swellow.

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