Final Fantasy XV post-launch content to continue into 2019, four more episodes planned

A lot of news around Final Fantasy XV lately has been about the upcoming Royal Edition and details about the game's soon-arriving PC release. However, the game is also still constantly being updated with both free content patches as well as a smattering of character-focused DLC episodes. Late last year we had some preliminary details about the game's future plans, including an Episode focused on Ardyn. This week, we learned a little more about the future of Final Fantasy XV as a whole through some new interviews with Japanese media, and it seems like the game is going to be sticking around for a good deal longer -- to 2019, at least. 

Final Fantasy XV has had a busy 2018 so far. It seems like that will continue to be the case for the next year-plus. What was originally planned to be a second-set of three character Episodes has now expanded to four, according to a developer interview with Famitsu. While the focus of the episodes after Ardyn were left undeclared, Hajime Tabata did strongly hint last year that Luna would be the focus of one of 2018's DLC releases. 


The development team also stressed the likelihood of these Episode releases spilling over into 2019. The Episodes are being thought of as a way to respond to lukewarm fan feedback about the game's overall narrative.  This post-launch content is being designed to flesh out the 'Final Fantasy XV Universe', and are being thought of as an additional series, rather than additional content. The distinction might be a bit superfluous, but it's interesting to see some of the thought processes in the development of these releases. These interviews with Japanese media have also revealed that Final Fantasy XV has sold 7 million copies to date, and Square Enix anticipates roughly 2 million sales from the PC release. 

We'll have news and video capture from the PC demo and release in the coming days, and of course we'll stay on top of all of the new DLC-related news as well. The Windows and Royal editions of Final Fantasy XV launch March 6th.