Square Enix reveals its complete E3 line-up

Square Enix has just released a press release detailing it's complete (to the best of our knowledge) E3 line-up.

All the obvious titles are amongst the list, such as Final Fantasy XIV, Front Mission Evolved, the amazing looking Deux Ex 3, the gruesomely violent Kane and Lynch 2, and the recently announced Dungeon Siege 3.

The 3rd Birthday, a new instalment in Square's old Parasite Eve franchise is also on the list, finally confirming its release in the west.

We'll be seeing them all at the show, so expect top coverage here on the UFF Network.

Catch the full list below.
 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution
 - The 3rd Birthday
 - Dungeon Siege 3
 - Final Fantasy XIV
 - Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
 - Front Mission: Evolved
 - Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
 - Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
 - Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded
 - Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light
 - The Tales of Bearsworth: Chaotic Conflicts
 - The Tales of Bearsworth: Puzzling Pages