SaGa Scarlet Grace is coming to Switch this year ... in Japan [UP: Other consoles too, including Steam]

You didn't see this if you watched the English Nintendo Direct presentations, but Nintendo and Square Enix announced that SaGa Scarlet Grace will launch on Switch in Japan this year.

SaGa Scarlet Grace was released as the 25th-anniversary title for the SaGa series and originally launched in Japan in December 2016 for PlayStation Vita. It never received an English localization.

Perhaps the Switch version gives new hope for an English release - we did see Romancing SaGa 2 get a worldwide re-release just last year. But for now, we'll just have to wait.

Update: Well, that didn't take long. Thanks to Japanese site, we now know SaGa Scarlet Grace is also on its way to PlayStation 4, iOS, Android, and Steam. The fact that it's getting a Steam release pretty much confirms there's an English localization in the works!

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