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Monster Hunter: World and Devil May Cry Collaboration Brings New Items to Hunters

Capcom has announced today that they will soon be bringing Devil May Cry items to Monster Hunter: World, to celebrate the release of the Devil May Cry HD collection release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The items include an armor set that will make players look like old-school Dante and a new Charge Blade that will undoubtedly excite fans of the character action series.

Take a look at the announcement trailer below to get a look at the new items:

What may be most interesting about this collaboration is the new weapon Hunters can create, which Yuri Araujo goes into more detail about in his blog:

You’ll get to fight hellish foes in Monster Hunter: World to earn this devious combination of the Force Edge and Alastor. In Monster Hunter, that weapon falls in the Charge Blade category, and typically features a hefty shield that, when combined with its matching sword, can turn into a massive axe. As you can see, we’re putting a bit of a DMC twist to the formula and leaving the shield out of the picture altogether (you’ll still be able to guard though) and instead of a sword turning into an axe, you’ll get a Force Edge that turns into a massive Alastor.

The new weapon and armor set will be available to create after completing the proper Event Quests, which will be announced at a later time.

While you wait, our guides can help you grind out the gear you'll need to take on these upcoming Event Quests. Learn more about Monster Hunter: World's endgame, how to make the infinitely helpful Earplugs, and how to get the three Booster tools that'll make you invaluable in multiplayer.

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